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The Best Places To Work In Canada For Thai People

Thai people have been known to migrate to Canada since the early 1950s in search for greener pastures. Canada offers great job opportunities for Thai People, as well as amenities, such as Thai Restaurants and Muay Thai gyms to make them feel at home.

Thai People are responsible for the growth of the economy of Canadians therefore, they are welcome to stay in their country with open arms. Canada has therefore become a home, far away from home for Thai People.

Here, they have been able to create great careers for themselves by becoming:

  • Bankers
  • Doctors
  • Managers
  • Chefs
  • Personal Trainers

Below are the organizations considered to be one of the best places to work in Canada for Thai People.


Thickumz - New Porn Series
Thickumz – New Porn Series

Thickumz is a brand new entry in the adult industry. It features videos of sporty and fit babes with slim waists and proper booties. While it’s strictly for adult it is being actively developed and preparing for worldwide release. We are pretty sure that work on such sexy projects could be very beneficial.

Thickumz features the world’s best models with curvy figures and unheard sexual appetite.


Manulife is a financial company based in Toronto offering unlimited opportunities for Thai People.

They fit well here as managers with challenging tasks that make them feel part of something big, while getting all the necessary support from friendly colleagues to provide quality services to customers. This company accommodates immigrants from Thailand in order to improve Canada’s economy.

New York General Hospital

Thai people are given a chance to express their Thai Culture at big institutions such as this hospital. It is known to work hand in hand with Compass Group Canada, a leading food service company in Canada.

Here, they are given opportunities to become famous chefs who prepare exquisite meals for major stakeholders during major events held in the hospital. It gives them a chance to share ideas with other Canadians by sharing different talents while working with an enthusiastic group of chefs.

Body Tech Wellness Center

This company is a massage therapy institution that accommodates Thai People living in Canada to work here.

They recommend flexible Female RMT’s to specialize in massage therapy techniques. Thai People can also work as Physiotherapists or personal trainers in this institution.

Custom Works Ltd.

This company is one of the best companies that accommodate Thai People to share their experiences and knowledge in order to bring growth and development to Canada. Immigrants from Thailand can work as Machine operators here, so they can work on supervising and overseeing crop related operations.

The experience that they bring from their country greatly benefits Custom Works Ltd. This company makes them operate machines with ease, as they assist in the development and implementation of farm safety and biosecurity regulations.

CGI Group

Located in Montreal, this company gives Thai people a chance to become Telecom Designers where they are exposed to a lot of network specialists in the field of technology and infrastructure. It gives them a chance to work on different projects while they interact with people from Canada, both as their clients and their employers.

In order for Thai People to join this company, they must have basic education on Telecommunications to help them analyse network requirements necessary for projects, so as to improve Canadian infrastructure.

Servus Credit Union Ltd.

This company suits immigrants interested in becoming investment advisors. It accommodates people who are passionate about managing wealth. Immigrants working here are able to build relationships with natives as they climb up the ladder. Such advisors interact with high net worth member owners by providing superior personalize advice on wealth management.

Thai People are encouraged to join their company and be a part of their work force.


Developing a banking career with HSBC inspires Thai people to work for different continents. It gives them a sense of belonging since they feel that they are part of a culture that is not only diverse but is also driven by growth. This company aims at the growth of customers from an individual to an international level.

Their global networks with other countries such as Thailand makes Thai people feel as if they are working from home.

Air Canada

This company suits Thai people because they are passionate about reaching new heights while exploring different cities away from home.

Joining a diverse team of Air Canada helps Thai People build careers in aviation and engineering