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What A Canadian Stand To Gain When They Visit Thailand

With recent developments in the relations between the two countries – Canada and Thailand – the environment for travelling and just visiting for trips have become much easier and safer. It is the best time for Canadian to visit Thailand as the two countries are striving to strengthen the bond in-between.

The recent Canadian – Thailand Free Trade arrangement has enhanced the mutual commercial and cultural relations between the two countries. Whether you are a Thai immigrant working in Canada or a Canadian on a visit to Thailand, you are sure to get additional benefits over foreigners from other countries.

The Thai immigrants living in Canada have already taken to social media to appreciate the recent relationship benefits. Here are a few things that a Canadian stands to gain on a visit to Thailand.

Emergency Consular Assistance

The government of Canada has established a embassy in Bangkok where a Canadian traveller could go for emergency assistance service. A dedicated team of consular officials are working 24/7 to offer the best services. The Canadian embassy helps travellers in cases of stolen passport and child abductions. Even if you run into legal travels, the consular officials give their best to sort out the matter and see your safe return to your country. What is noteworthy is that now you can access the information and service within seconds. The consular office has established a website through which you can contact them with a great response time. This in itself makes your travels more safe and enjoyable.

Beautiful Beaches in Thailand
Beautiful Beaches in Thailand


Living At Home In Thailand

If you are travelling for longer periods of time to Thailand or are permanently settling in the countries there are a range of benefits you have over other immigrants. From registration for citizenship to medical facilities and healthcare, everything is provided with least inconvenience. You would also not have to worry about your rights as a Canadian citizen even if you are in Canada. Especially during the voting periods, there is an entire vote to see to it that you can cast your vote securely. If you get into any accidents or require immediate medical care, the consul officials see to it that the legal procedures do not hinder the emergency medical care in any way.

Free Trade Arrangement

After the free trade arrangement between the two countries it has already become a lot easier to do business in Thailand. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) also ensures that you get the best benefits in your business. There are established sectors to provide you information on the market conditions and best advice related to trade and investments. Certain Programmes and services are also been set up to help you out with setting up your business abroad or in import and export of goods.