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Pros And Cons Of Living In Canada

Living in Canada could very well be a great change for your life that might be positive or negative. There are always a few minus points along with the plus points in everything and living in different Canadian cities could bring enormous changes in lifestyles of two individuals.

But as an immigrant there are some common pros and cons of living in the country that affect almost every single person independent of the type of job they have got or which kind of resident they are. Here we have listed a few of these points to help you understands the benefits and the disadvantages of locating to Canada.

Pros Of Living In Canada

  • High End Employment Market – Canada is among those countries for which immigration is nothing new. But over the years many countries including the UK and the US Are hit by the worst waves of unemployment that one has ever seen. The recent catastrophic incidents have led to European countries like Spain and Portuguese and Greece’s border to have the worst economical state in history. Yet Canada stands unaffected through it all. In fact the country’s employment market has seen an immense boon in the last decade. Scores and Scores of people have re evaluated to Canada in search of a better lifestyle. The result of this global upheaval in the marketing world has positively strengthened the economical market of Canada. The country has become such a vast employment marketplace that even fresh graduates with little experience and raw skill can find a good job there.
Happy People In Canada


  • Better Healthcare and Medicinal Facilities – Although the employment rate is the main cause of attraction for many, the exceptionally good healthcare facilities and affordable medicinal services also play a major role in the large scores of people migrating to Canada, especially Americans. Even Though the point has been debated on time and again, but the statistical surveys from immigrants of the Country have shown that this in fact is an attraction for most of them. For many migrants who have acquired the healthcare benefits from Canada have taken it to write on social media about how the US has been declaring falsely that the Canadian systems are broken. The Country has proved that they purely mean business when it comes to putting out appeals for migrants who have located to Canada.

Cons Of Living In Canada

  • Weather Conditions – There is no doubt the weather is an annoying side factor in lives of Canadians. The Country experiences roughly 4 – 5 months of heavy winter and snowfall and in December – January it was hard to even get about for your daily necessities. The climate is so immensely varied due to the extensive nature of country’s landscapes. There is no doubt that the awe inspiring beauty is something to live for, but the milder weather and harshest rainfall of the west and east coast and the harshest summers and winters of the prairie region does present a credible factor to weigh during relocating decisions.
  • High Tax Rates – The high end security, public services and facilities comes at a price. To have all these flawlessly accessible to citizens of Canada, government has set ridiculously high tax rates which border almost on absurdity. This is the main factor that has controlled the immigration rates of the country.