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Royal Thai Consulate – General is a government organisation of Thailand that has been established in different countries to show the interest of Thai democracy in relations with other countries and to enhance the economical, scientific, cultural and commercial relations between countries.

Royal Thai Consulate – General in Vancouver is the Canadian Branch of the consulate – general looking out to strengthen the relations and bond between the two countries and to help out Thai immigrants who want to relocate to Canada in pursue of a better established lifestyle or are just travelling to Canada on a holiday trip.

The Consulate – General helps out people with issuing of Visa, legal registrations, acquiring birth and death certificates or hire foreign people.

Our Heritage

When you move to a foreign country there are a lot of legal procedures and other hubbub included in settling down. There have been times when people with important works or urgency have failed to reach at places due to the legal procedures that take so much time and have to be restarted at slightest errors. Royal Thai Consulate – General has been established in 1996 in order to help people of Thailand to easily have access to all the information required for their travel, relocation to Thailand or Canada, trade and cultural aspects. The Consulate – General sees to it that visas are issued and best trade advice is provided to the citizens of the two countries.

Our Mission

Royal Thai Consulate – General have an earnestly devoted team of government officials and technicians along with practiced lawyers, officers and historian who are well established in their fields of knowledge. It is our mission and prime goal to see to it that the relation between Canada and Thailand stay on good terms and that the citizens of two countries have no difficulty in trade, immigration or travels.

The Royal Thai Consulate – General has constructed a website through which citizens can get in touch with us and could find all the information they might require. An entire section is devoted to help you out with issuing of visas and other permits that you will need to cross the border. Another section helps the Thai immigrants with jobs in Canada and living on work permits and might need to travel in and out of the two countries frequently. There are experts to offer you advice on trade and investments also.

Our Vision

We envision a system where the relations between two countries are on the best terms and there are minimal problems in dealings among the two country’s legal requirements. We have starved to offer the best services to the citizens of the two countries and have established a few benefits for immigrants compared to other foreigners. We hope that our services are best used and would reduce the inconvenience caused by the legal procedures.