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What You Need To Get A Job In Canada

There is no doubt that Canada has a high employment market and almost anyone with skills could get a job there. But for immigrants to work in Canada certain demands are needed to be met. Working in Canada depends on a number of factors like the field you want to get a job in and the jobs you apply for. Whatever it is you choose to do, following list of things would be required for you to get a job and work conveniently in Canada.

1. Open Work Permit

An open work permit is a non – specific work permit that allows you to work in almost any sector. Having an open work permit is simpler and better way to get a job as it would not require a LMIA (Labour Market Impact Association) document from ESDC and any proof that you have paid the employer compliance fee along with the submitted documents to Employer Portal.

An open work permit is issued only if the person comes under the following categories –

  • You are a permanent resident applicant and have successfully applied for a job in Canada
  • You are a dependent family members of another permanent resident applicant of Canada
  • If you are a common law partner or spouse of a international student or worker
  • If you have a valid temporary resident permit
  • You are a young worker participating in a particular scheme or programme.
  • You are a refugee claimant, refugee or protected person and their family member.

The fee for issuing of open work permit is to be submitted along with the work permit application fee.

2. Labour Market Impact Assessment

This is a document issued by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDA) which gives the employer authorization to hire you as an employee. A positive LMIA ensues that the position need to be filled by a foreign applicant and this will give you permission to apply for a work permit. LMIA application is submitted by the Employer who receives the confirmation letter, a photocopy of which is required in your work permit application.

If in any case you do not require a LMIA, there is still the need of a proof that the company that is hiring you has successfully submitted the application of LMIA through Employ Portal.

3. Accrediting Proof

To work as a foreign immigrant in a Canadian company, you need to handover the proof that you are fully qualified, certified and accredited to work in the area you are applying for to the Employ Portal at ESDA. Once the documents are processed only then can you be allowed to have a work permit.

4. Travel Documents And Permits

In order to travel to Canada and to stay as a legal immigrant you will need the following documents –

  • Passport is required for issuing of permits and visa
  • A visa is required for legal travel through the country
  • Accrediting forms required along with the type of Visa you have been issued.
  • An introductory work permit letter given as a provisional work permit to allow legal entry to the country.
  • An issued and stamped work permit acquired on the border.

5. Terms And Conditions

Even after being issued a work permit there are certain conditions that one must follow. The list of all the conditions is printed on the permit and includes the following things –

  • What kind of field you can work in
  • Which type of companies can hire you
  • In which sector you can work
  • Your total working period