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The Process For Visa Renewal For Thai People In Canada

Thai People can have their Canadian visa made just like any other country. You need to fill out your application visa form and submit it to CVAC. The visa renewal process is also somewhat similar to issuing a new visa and you can make it from within Canada or outside of it.

The only point to remember is to fill out the application form 30 days prior to its expiration date while you are still living in the country.

To help you out with the exact procedure below is a compiled step wise list of what you ought to do to get your visa renewed.

1. Applying Procedure

  • Read all the information related to the type of visa you want to apply for and proceed for downloading the relevant application form with related checklists requires. You can find all the information you need on ‘Prepare Your Application’ age on IRCC Website. You might need to submit your biometrics along with details about yourself while applying for study permit, visitor visa and work permit but in other cases you might not need it. So check whether your biometrics is required or not.
  • Fill out all the information on the downloaded forms carefully and upload required documents electronically before printing out the form. Make sure to print the form along with barcoded sheet on a non- glossy, bond quality, white paper. Print the application with a laser printer only.
  • In case you fail to present all the required documents you have to fill the waiver form with details of all the documents that were not submitted. Print and attach the waiver form along with printed documents and barcoded sheet. Make sure to fill the waiver form correctly and attach it as any mistakes might lead to delays in processing of your application or rejection of application.
  • Read all the details of the privacy policy on VFS Consent form and fill it out before signing and attaching it along with your application. Failing to attach the VFS Consent form would directly lead to the refusal of your visa application and the documents would be mailed back at your address.
Are You Accepted?
  • On the IRCC Website (Immigrant, Refugees and Citizenship Canada ) details about submission of fee are given. Read them carefully and pay the fees while submitting your application personally or in mail. Kindly note that the application fee excludes CVAC service charges.
  • After successfully attaching all the required documents visit your nearest CVAC. double-check to keep your passport, ID Proof and photographs along with the filled documents and all the supporting documents given in the checklist. Please note to pay the CVAC charges separately and bring along with you an acceptable mode of payment in CVAC.
  • If giving of biometrics is required, the CVAC would ask you to provide biometrics along with your application. It is advised in this case that you hold back from mailing the application. The additional fee required to submit biometrics will include the service charges of CVAC.
  • After submitting your application and giving your biometrics, if required, you will be handed a receipt with a printed unique number on it which could be used to check the status of your application and track its progress online.
  • After IRCC have processed your application, your passport will be returned to CVAC and an update on the tracking page would be able after which you can collect your passport from the application centre. If in any case the application is refused, a letter from IRCC would be sent to you explaining the reasons for the refusal.

2. Points To Remember

  • Make sure that you submit the application form 30 – 60 days prior to the expiration of your current visa to avoid any inconvenience.
  • If you are mailing your application and paying online then make sure to pay 4 – 5 days before sending out the application so that any bank formalities could be done and delay could be avoided.
  • The 2D barcoded form should be filled out electronically online as a handwritten application takes much longer to process.


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